Los Angeles Bridal Stylist Daria Aster

I have always been inspired by nature and by traveling. Whenever I travel, I always look for inspiration that lights up my life and opens my world. I could not imagine exploring the world without meeting new people and experience new places. I have traveled a lot through Europe and the United States and I still feel that I want to learn more about other countries, other cultures, and to gain more international experiences.

After working with clients as a top bridal stylist in Santorini, Greece, I’ve always been interested in creating the whole style for the bride. I would spot the new brands in the wedding market. I ordered personalized accessories for my clients to make their look complete. My true passion is in helping brides to find their own style which will not only accentuate the individuality of the bride, but also match the theme of the wedding. The unique looks I’ve created for my brides have received many compliments and have been featured in wedding magazines. I have discovered that many brides are looking for the dress that will help to enhance their natural beauty and make them feel confident on their special day.  

After all my experience, I have realized that a profound educational background in fashion design would help me to develop my skills and propel my bridal business. I successfully completed the OTIS Art College program of Fashion Design in Los Angeles and continued my bridal stylist journey with A-list celebrities in one of the top boutique ateliers of Beverly Hills as a seamstress that allowed me to gain a deeper knowledge of bridal and evening gown construction.

My experience as a bridal stylist consultant with one of the wedding fashion leaders has enhanced my wedding dresser practice, deepened my knowledge in bridal attire, and helped me to understand the needs of a modern bride more than ever. I was responsible for the entire look of the bride and bridal party.

After knowing more about myself over the years, I have learned that my true passion is in creating the bridal look and helping the client to find their unique style for their most important day.  I’ll never be tired of assisting brides and wedding attendees and help to create gorgeous photographic memories. 

My main goal is to create an impeccably unique and timeless look for a bride which will look flawless, elegant and expose her individuality.  

My services as a bridal style consultant include:  

– Consult on a bridal style for the wedding day

 – Wedding Dress shopping  

– Advising on bridal makeup and hair style 

– Jewelry and accessory consultation  

– Creating the theme for a bridal photoshoot (engagement, morning of the bride, photo/video session for a rehearsal/wedding dinner) 

– Engagement photoshoot dress shopping 

– Assisting during the wedding day 

– Helping in ordering bespoke, customizing gowns 

– Groom tuxedo shopping  

– Bridesmaids dresses and mother of the bride dress consultation and shopping  

– Helping in getting ready for travel to the destination wedding.

*Booking is available for Los Angeles.

Please use this form to get in touch with me or send an email to sstyle.services@gmail.com. I usually respond within 24 hours.

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